2024 Home Industries Classes

2024 Home Industries Classes

Here’s the list of our Home Industries classes for 2024. Could your next project be a prize winner?

The long winter nights are the ideal time to get creative with crafts, work on that list of knitting/crochet projects that’s building up, or practise the perfect shortbread recipe. The low winter light and mirrie dancers can also produce some fantastic photos. Or maybe look at the bairns classes for something to keep the peerie angels busy on rainy days?

Some changes to note…

BAKING: We have a new class for Eclairs. The gentlemen’s baking is Marble Loaf & Viennese Whirls. Bairns Aged 9-11 have a new Rocky Road class and the theme for the Bairn’s Aged 12-16 novelty iced sponge is ‘Paris’.

GARDEN & WILD FLOWERS: The subject for the themed arrangement is ‘Paris’.

PHOTOGRAPHY: The subject for the themed classes in Adults & Bairns 12-16 sections is ‘Night Sky’ and for Bairns 5-8 & Bairns 9-11 it’s ‘Holidays’.

KNITWEAR & CROCHET: We have a new class for Fair Isle Socks, and the Jamieson & Smith Colourbox Colours have been updated. We have also re-arranged the Crochet Section into four classes: Any Wearable Garment, Blanket, Amigurumi/Toys & Any Other Article